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Cruising Through Time With Teal

The name Teal has been passed down in the Moore family for four generations. Capt. Charles Moore named his small fishing boat the Teal in 1912. He would take six passengers out fishing every day of the season from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York. These were the days when fishermen would wear suits and hats out on the ocean.

The unique name, Teal, was taken from a marine bird known for a distinctive Teal stripe in it’s feather. The simple yet elegant name stuck. Capt. Charles Moore then handed the business over to his son Capt. Everett Moore in the 1930’s. The Teal was operating out of Staten Island at this point. Capt. Everett Moore was an honest, bold, and well respected man in the industry. He expanded the fleet by adding as second vessel, the Miss Moore.

In the 1970’s Capt. Everett handed the family boating business over to his  two sons Richard and Timothy. Together these brothers added a dinner boat into the fleet and began building boats. They moved the operation to Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, where the Teal became a staple of the local community.

In 2015, The children of Capt. Richard Moore: Capt. Everett Moore, Kate Moore, Rich Moore, and Olivia Moore, banned together to keep the Teal legacy prospering, along with some help from cousin Jake Moore, son of Capt. Timothy Moore. This dynamic new Moore team operates out of Margate, New Jersey. Four generations of boating knowledge, experience in event planning, and creative visions keep the new Teal at the forefront in our new community in Margate, New Jersey.