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The Moore family and 4 generations of sailing the seas

it was all started with our Great Grandfather Charlie Moore. He had small wood hulled fishing vessel and offered charter fishing in the Raritan Bay tlo small groups. As time went on he passed this down to our grandfather Everett Moore and his brother Uncle Freddie. The two were pioneers in the industry and the Teal and the Miss Moore were born. In the 60s they a pair of gilliken fishing boats and expanded thier fishing grounds to Offshore targeting bottom fish and Tuna. Both men were very hard working and passionate about thier work as well as thier families. Grandpa Everett had a large family and passed his knowledge along to his children. While Uncle Freddie had smaller family his kids were very involved too. The two that really ran with business were Everett’s son Rich and Freds son Wayde. As the boys helped run the business they started making a name for themselves in the industry, but it wasn’t easy for them as adversity struck and the marina they hailed from burned down. As the family remained close the cousins went in different directions and Rich Moore kept the business going. So he picked up and moved to the Jersey Shore after a short stint in St Goerge. Highlands, Leonardo, and Atlantic Highlands was ultimately where we settled. Capt Rich is helped now by his daughter Olivia, son Little Richie, and Capt. Everett his oldest. Although the business has changed from fishing to cruising our goal hasn’t never waivered. We still try to strive to give our guests the best possible service and a day on the water they will remember forever. 

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The Teal is Back in Atlantic Highlands

The Motor Yacht Teal offers an alternative your ordinary event. We take your special occasion to the limit, from the great food and spirits, to breathtaking views as we coast down the calm waters of the Shrewsbury. Your trip is sure to have all of your guests talking about it for a long time. 

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From the moment you contact us to the time we bid you farewell, we ensure you feel confident and special throughout the whole booking process.